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Our liquid Turmeric Curcumin Plus maxx strength provides one of nature’s best kept secrets: curcuminoids. These powerful phytonutrients give turmeric its golden-yellow color and provide wide-ranging health benefits. With the addition of Ginger (supports digestion) & BioPerine®, (a patented black pepper extract) absorption of curcumin can increase by 4x making it more effective than other formulas that do not contain proven bioenhancers. Traditionally, these herbs have been used to support healthy joints, digestion, liver health, and much more!

  • Healthy Joints
  • Digestion & Brain Function
  • Healthy Inflammation Response
  • Liposomal Turmeric Curcumin Plus (4 Oz Bottle with Dropper)
  • All-Natural Dietary Herbal Supplement, 1-2 Month Supply

Maxx Herb products are non-toxic, vegan, non-MGO, and gluten free nutritional herbal supplements.

  • *Turmeric Curcumin Plus

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HIGHEST POTENCY – Turmeric Curcumin Plus maxx strength is of the highest potency. We use a super concentrated extract of Turmeric Root, 95% Curcumin, with Black Pepper and Ginger formulated with a liposomal nutrient delivery system, creating a formula of unmatched potency and bioavailability. Utilizing a revolutionary method of enhanced Turmeric delivery, liposomal technology, it’s designed to help your body absorb more Turmeric. Each serving contains 800mg and since it’s liposomal you will get maximum absorption.

POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS – Traditionally Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger extracts have been used to support joint health, brain function, natural pain relief, healthy inflammation response and digestion.*

1-2 MONTH SUPPLY – To provide your body with the best potential benefits, we recommend taking two half droppers (2 mL) of extract 1-4 times a day. Our Turmeric Curcumin Plus maxx strength liquid extract allows the nutrients to be quickly and effectively absorbed into your body – Unlike most capsules, pills, and powders which have limited absorption.

EASY TO TAKE – Our Turmeric Curcumin Plus comes in a concentrated liquid form that is easy to take and tastes great too. At 4 ounces our bottle is double the size of other brands which typically are only 2 ounces. Other names/spellings: turmeric, turmeric curcumin supplement, turmeric with black pepper capsules, turmeric powder organic, turmeric supplements, curcumin with piperine, bioperene, organic turmeric powder, turmeric curcumin supplement with black pepper, turmeric supplement, curcumin powder, organic turmeric, organic turmeric curcumin, turmeric organic, turmeric curcumin organic.

Why Turmeric Curcumin Plus?

Why Choose Liposomal Turmeric Curcumin Plus?

  • Highly concentrated formula of Turmeric, Curcumin, Black Pepper (Bio Perine®) and Ginger.
  • Wild-Harvested, sustainably sourced, additive-free.
  • Supports healthy joints, brain function and memory*
  • Boosts Energy and mood*
  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol levels and digestion*
  • Supports healthy immune and nervous systems*
  • Promotes natural pain relief and health inflammation response*
  • Liposomal delivery technology promotes rapid absorption and bioavailability for quicker results.
  • Feeling good from the inside out is just a few drops away.
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO and Made in the USA.
  • Easy to consume. Either take it straight with the included dropper or add into juice or water.


Liposomal Proprietary Blend

Tumeric (root) extract (95% Curcumin) Curcuma Longa, Ginger root extract, BioPerine.

Other Ingredients: Purified Water USP, Organic Vegetable Glycerin UP (Kosher), Phosphatidyl choline, Citric acid, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia.


To provide your body with the best potential benefits, we recommend taking two half droppers (2 mL) of extract 1-4 times a day. Our Turmeric Curcumin Plus maxx strength liquid extract allows the nutrients to be quickly and effectively absorbed into your body – Unlike most capsules, pills, and powders which have limited absorption.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult with your healthcare provider before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed 4 servings in a 24hr period. Use only as directed.

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What makes Turmeric / Curcumin so beneficial?

Curcumin is the amazing active compound found within the turmeric root. It has long been used as therapy in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. It’s both antioxidant rich and is an amazing daily supplement for promoting healthy inflammation response in the body. Turmeric / curcumin contains potent antioxidants known as curcuminoids which provide numerous health benefits. Modern research has confirmed the benefits of turmeric for promoting joint health, potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Now, using our proprietary liposomal delivery technology, we can deliver the best characteristics of the highest quality liquid turmeric in our incredible turmeric extract, which is much more absorbed do. Try it today and experience the benefits of turmeric!

What makes this the best turmeric extract?

We start with the highest quality turmeric root. We then blend it with BioPerine ® (black pepper extract) for maximum absorption. In addition, we add ginger which provides digestive support. Ginger is a close botanical relative to turmeric and has many overlapping nutrients and benefits. Research shows that when the turmeric and ginger are combined, they have an increased healing effect. If you’re not already excited to try this amazing product and believe yet that this is the best turmeric extract on the market… we literally take it to the next level of health, by utilizing a new liposomal deliver system which even increases the absorption further.

This product will satisfy even the most discerning individuals who demand quality and value. Don’t fall for other inferior supplements that are watered down, contain fillers, preservatives, and toxic compounds. Our 90-day money back guarantee lets you know that this turmeric extract is formulated for purity and potency!

What is Liposomal Technology?

It’s important to note that liquid liquids are the superior choice as they contain volatile oils & esters that capsules, powders and even teas don’t. Now by introducing a liposomal delivery system, we assure that it’s the most potent dietary supplement that you can take orally.

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