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Immune Support

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Immune support is essential to your health and wellbeing and there are a variety of natural herbs that will aid in keeping your immune system strong. Maxx herb provides several well known herbs that naturally support the immune system.

One is Pau D arco and the other is Nopal cactus.

Traditionally Pau D’ Arco extracts have been used to help support the immune system, fight free radicals, has antiviral and antifungal properties, anti-bacterial, analgesic effects, supports normal lymphatic system functions*

Traditionally Nopal cactus fruit has been used to help support: the immune system, healthy gastrointestinal functions, healthy cholesterol levels, blood sugar balance, energy and vitality* Nopal cactus has a rich history which dates back thousands of years. This amazing fruit which gained fame in Mexico has spread worldwide.

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Immune Support